Why is the Department of Building and Safety siding with criminal developer Mohamed Hadid, instead of our community?

Celebrity developer Mohamed Hadid, a convicted criminal, continues to build his colossal mega-mansion at 901 Strada Vecchia Road without valid permits. Despite a litany of violations, the City of L.A. has failed to enforce its own regulations and shut down the project.

It’s time for the City to stop bending over backwards for a known criminal developer. We demand that the same rules apply to Hadid as everyone else.

This dangerous and illegal building is a public nuisance. It must be brought into compliance with the proper variances, public hearings, and environmental review.
If not — it must be torn down.

901 Strada Vecchia Road

Brazenly Illegal

Nicknamed the “Starship Enterprise,” this massively oversized structure is roughly 40,000 sq. feet and towers over 80 feet high – all built on an unstable hillside without valid permits.

Four Times the Allowed Size

Hadid and his lawyers say they’re bringing the structure into compliance. But compliance won’t work. This mega-mansion is nearly four times the permitted maximum size.

Safety Hazard and a Public Nuisance

Illegal over-building is threatening the mega-mansion’s delicate hillside location, triggering landslides and endangering neighbors downslope. The City must declare this structure a public nuisance and demand that these hazardous issues be resolved immediately.

Over 60 pages of violation notices have been issued for 901 Strada Vecchia

Top 10 Violations:


City Zoning Code/Regulations

Floor area exceeds 40,000 sq. feetNearly four times legal limit
Original permit granted for just 11,300 sq. feet
Building height is as much as 82 feet30 feet maximum permitted
Buildings over 17,500 sq. feet must follow public environmental review processNo environmental studies or public hearings have taken place
Over 17,000 cubic yards of gradingNo grading permits have been issued
70-seat underground IMAX theater hidden under drivewayEntirely unpermitted and illegal
Underground level created below basement that includes additional bedroomsEntirely unpermitted and illegal
Multiple retaining walls, beyond the maximum permittedMaximum 2 retaining walls permitted
Retaining wall in side yard estimated at 17 feet tallMaximum 6 feet permitted
Retaining wall encroaches on 2 other propertiesEntirely unpermitted and illegal and lacking consent from neighbors
Pool deck connected to houseEntirely unpermitted and illegal

In total, more than 12 Stop Work orders have been issued. Yet illegal construction continues.

It's time for our elected officials to stop looking the other way.

This monstrous mansion is a public nuisance. Either Mohamed Hadid brings it into legal compliance – with the proper variances, public hearings and environmental review – or he needs to tear it down. It’s that simple.
  • Councilmember Paul Koretz
    “We cannot teach developers that it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, or the issues at 901 Strada Vecchia will be repeated citywide.”
    Councilmember Paul Koretz
  • Mike Eveloff, board member, advocacy group Fix the City
    “You can't reward that behavior. The city has to make this an absolute red line -- you cannot cross it, or the structure has to come down.”
    Mike Eveloff, board member, advocacy group Fix the City

Take Action

The City of L.A. is unable, or unwilling, to enforce its own building codes against criminal developer Mohamed Hadid.

This sends a dangerous message to all developers.

Is your house, or neighborhood, also at risk due to a criminal developer? Join us in holding our elected officials accountable to taxpayers and demand a stop to double standards for Mohamed Hadid.